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Hello - I would like to know if anyone has some knowledge on caring for and storing wigs.


So far I have been using a baby's brush and putting them in a hairnet, but I am sure there is an industry method for doing this properly? They are synthetic wigs, not real human hair.


Thank you!

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Hi and thanks for the replies.


It's more how to brush them - some are long wigs and get tangled - can I use a tiny amount of baby oil for example to tease out the tangles?


I have seen the polystyrene heads, but not got any yet.


I guess I want to preserve the wigs and keep the style.


Some of the wigs have hard shells with hair that just cannot be combed and you wouldn't want to either for fear of breaking them. Others have like a lace inner and these ones I have been using a babies brush on. With the latter style I have been storing them flat. Is this ok?

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I guess from your profile and your comment about some of the wigs having 'hard shells' that these are for shop mannequins.

I imagine that they could be constructed differently to both mass produced and hand knotted theatrical wigs and I don't fell confident to advise you in case what is fine for normal wigs ruins yours.

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