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Related fields project

Chris M

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Hi all.


just finished doing our related fields project and thought I'd give you some impressions on the kit we used.


Vari-Lite 24/16's - Big VL5, does quite a nice wash and very powerful, but fairly chunky and ugly!!


Vl 1000's - Nice light. Good for practical theatrical use. Not sure on use of lighting up a castle, main benefits were the gobo options. Mixing the rotating gobo's with the cmy mixing proved invaluable.


Coemar 575 Spots. A very nice lightvery powerful and a really nice crisp and clean light output.


Coemar Pro Wash LX 250 - A very nice little light. Does exactly what it needs to and does it very well (why add lots of other stuff when you cant get the basics right, like some companys do!!) Very good CMY colour mixingand again for such a small unit, a very nice clear crisp light output.

We also had 2 smoke machines from coemar, ehich were by Antari.both of them managed to fill our college lighting lab in under 3 seconds !! And did quite well when battling the elements on the outside of the castle.


Just to finish Vl were very helpful, and Comar were very helful and were superb with customer service. am definately looking at using more Coemar stuff in the future!!!


Hope this kept people entertained for a while. I'll put some pictures up when I get them.

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Could I just jump in here, and request that you don't post pictures to the Blue Room server? Rather, upload them to some peronsal web space and post some links to the images on the Blue Room. It's much kinder to our server space and bandwidth ...
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