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the t.amp TA1050 MK-X power amplifier


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Hi all Ive just brought the t.amp TA1050 MK-X power amplifier for a install. Ive fitted this in today and after 20mins of sound coming out of the speakers the Right side Channel B lost all signal.


I checked all cabling and swapped sides of the amp and all was fine.


My signal LED are not working but there was no cut off or Fault LED on front of the amp. Which says to me I haven't done nothing stupid !!!!


Does anyone know of the problem, or come across this before.


Thanking you in this matter


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Is it brand new? I assume it's from Thomann. They're pretty good at swapping stuff that's faulty from new. If it's out of warranty it could be anything! There are a couple of dropper resistors that get hot (one for left and one for right) in the middle of the main board, they can go dry jointed or open to give a channel dead symptom but I'd only expect this in one that's had a hard life already. That's the only thing I can bring to mind!


One of our customers had three of these in a row that failed not long after they were comissioned but they sent them back to Thomann without any quibble, I didnt know what the failure was as we only fix them out of warranty!

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So to clarify you've checked....


*Speaker cables,

*The speaker itself

*Cable from eq/crossover to amp

*eq / crossover

*cable from desk to eq / crossover

*Desk outputs


And deduced that the amplifier channel is not working?


You say you've just bought this amp, can you be more precise with this, if by just bought it you mean it's arrived within the last couple of weeks or so and you are sure it is the amplifier channel at fault, give Thomann a call and they'll organise a replacement for you. If you've had it a while but have only just stated using it, it is covered by a 3 year warranty, so you'll still get a repair or replacement, just a slight different method of going about it.


People will be quick to add that it'll cost you a fortune to send it back to Germany. This is not so, they'll organise return shipping for you FOC, via UPS, where you can organise for UPS to collect from your home or office or you can drop it off at your nearest depot.




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Yep I brought this from Thomann but the company need it for a show on Monday so didnt want to send this back as I dont think I coud have a replacement in this time sscale.


If it comes to it I'll put one of mine in until I can get this one replaced. But was wondering if it had a cut off reset, but its been 4 hrs now and still broke.


Thanking you


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