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Sennheiser HS2


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Hey folks


It's that time of year again, and the quest to replace the rad mic stock decimated by Panto is on :)


I'm currently using the ME102/ KA100s capsule and cable combo from Sennheiser. I moved to these because the MKE's are too expensive to put on Amateurs and too expensive to replace after the Pro's knack them as well.

I have been happy with the actual performance of these products, the steel cables in particular stand up to theatre use better than most.

However, the capsules just can't withstand the make-up and sweat as well because they don't have the umbrella capsule to protect them.


I'm considering moving to the HS2 as it has the umbrella design and comes fitted with the NB2.

I've got a price for them that is still cheaper than a 2-4-C, and vastly cheaper than a 2-4-C + NB2; but wanted to know if anyone has experience of using them compared to the ME 102 and the 2-4-C.



Thoughts/ Reviews??


P.S If it helps in your descriptions, my own personal preference for Rads is Shure, as opposed to Sennheiser, but with 10 x SK3000 series set ups, it's not possible to consider swapping manufacturers.

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I've got 6 of the HS2's which I used with Sennheiser Evolution systems for about 4 years now


Plus points:


The sound quality is superb - very clean and clear

Strongly built - steel headband with chunky boom

reasonably discrete on face




headband does not adjust so can be too wide for kids heads - also sticks out from the back of small-headed people which can look clumsy

Not as discrete as other mics (DPA, Countryman E6, Audio Technica microset) can be visually too intrusive.

I know quite a few directors who would not allow them on musicals (unless it suited the style eg HSM, RttFP)


If I was buying again I would probably go for the DPA omni headsests but I would definatley be trying the AT and Countryman mics before making a decision. I don't think I would buy more HS2s.


I'm going to give the CPC headsets a whirl - I've got a production of Annie coming up and they could be the answer for hearing the kids


Ian Cunningham

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