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RDL Audio????????


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So you've tried www.rdlnet.com and couldn't find the model number there. I'd contact the manufacturer if nobody else can tell you much about them here.


I'm guess there will be limited response, the majority of amplifiers they do give out no more than a few watts (I don't think I spotted one outputting more than 20) so are they designed for this industry? RDL.......sorry I'll get my coat.. More likely a studio or hifi system. Reviews look promising as to quality of the kit, but how much use it will be to anyone, who knows. Perhaps the person who gave it you is the real winner.






Edit : surely I get bonus points for that one, you really can't get much lower......

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RDL make some very useful problem solving devices, so I would suggest keeping the wee amp until you stumble upon a problem it can solve (a useful suggestion, I know!!)


Possible uses (without knowing the exact spec of the beast)...


Test amplifier - use with a tone generator for testing your loudspeakers

Power a pair of speakers for use with a plasma telly or an interactive whiteboard

Use it to turn a passive speaker into a Heath Robinson style powered one

Power some speakers in your kitchen


I'm sure there will be some even more useful/useless suggestions.

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Hi all,


Just inherited an amp somebody ddnt need. RDL audio kx250? any good? cant find anythin on t'interweb.







I believe that there are 2 "RDL" outfits, Radio Design Labs (see canford cat, and I think Fuzion? both import from USA) who do the little "black boxes" that solve problems, and there was (I think now bust) a company that made speaker cabs etc for the MI marketplace. If this is a 19inch rack amp, then its the latter. I've never seen anything chunky from the american RDL.

The uk company's kit was ok (ish), like many other companies that have been and gone (custom sound, dynamix, et al) the design was price driven (ie dont expect crown quality!) , but I would gues that an amp with 250 in the name is probably 125 watt / side into 4 ohm load. nice for foldback, or as a stage relay amp with a 100v transformer hanging on the output?

Regards to all



ACTS - ChurchPA

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