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Repair a haze machine?


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Ok...Here is the tragic story about my Zoom Hydrahaze...


I went to a gig and used my haze machine...pretty straight forward. At some point I think it ran out of fluid and I wasnt quite aware...So I cant state how long it had an empty tank for...but it was no more than 10 mins of me realising...up until that point it was working great!


I went to see if it had done any damage tonight by filling the tank up and plugging it in, and it doesnt work...it heats up and powers the fan but no haze when you press the button on the controller even when it says its ready.


Its about a week old and brand new, which makes it even worse... :P

If there is any knowledge of whats gone wrong or what I can do to get it working again, it'd be much appriciated!





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Guest joewhite903
your pump has given up I think the pumps are only bout £4 Trade, Ideally take it back to where you bought it and dont mention that it ran out off fluid, those units tend to fail all the time anyway, ive got 5 on my workshop floor all with diferent faults, there ok when they work but I think there a waste off money
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