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I've been helping a young jazz quintet with sound equipment. I've been using a (100w) Leem power mixer for vocals and stage piano. All other instruments are either not amped or have their own amp. I've been getting the vocals clipping a lot and lately some background "hum" from the amp. The time has come to (I) provide a monitor for the vocalist and (ii) up the power on the amp to see if that helps. I have a Behringer 16 channel mixer so I thought I'd try and find an amp that is more powerful and could be used with the mixer.


With a budget of about £300 for amp and cabs , the internet seems to be awash with kits, where should I start?


Is £300 a reasonable amout?




Happy New Year

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Three hundred pounds is pretty minimal budget for amp and speakers.


For new gear, just about your only option for something worth having is probably some of the Thomann kit (HERE ) Their T-amp amplifiers are fairly well thought of for the money, and you can pair them with some of their own-brand cabinets. If you search the site, you find they do some package deals that would give you amp, speakers, a couple of stands and the cables you need for something around your budget.


Obviously the other option would be to try the used market. You might well get some rather better kit for the money, but obviously without the protection of a warranty.



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