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Faulty mute lights on GL4000


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We have an allen & heath GL4000 with fauly indicator lights in the mute buttons.

The faulty ones are the most used, the mic channels and as you can imagine not knowing if the mic is muted or not is quite a pain.

I was wondering if anyone has had this problem or if anyone could reccomend the best way to repair this problem.




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The mute switch is illuminated with a pair of LED's soldered to the PCB which shine into the switch cap.

These LED's are wired in series - so you probably have a broken solder joint. After re-soldering make sure that the push button does not come into physical contact with the LED's - then this shouldn't happen again.


Allen and Heath does have a good service network in the UK - have a look at their Web site to find the one nearest to you if you can't fix this yourself.

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