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Buying a Laptop

Noise Boy Sam

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Sorry if I have put this in the wrong section, I wasn't really sure. it is slightly connected to sound I guess!



I thinking of buying a laptop generally.

Also I use Cubase quite I lot recording live gigs or just myself at home, so a really good Sound card??

I do alot of Photo editing, Photoshop etc... so I guessing at good graphic card?

Something That can run this programs well with out messing up.

oh I like messing around on Reason!


I would probably just use it for these thing.

I'm don't really know what to look for, so Many models and makes. maybe something more designed for these sorts of things!


Most of all I don't really want to be paying over £600!


any help would be good!



Moderation: The trouble is, Sam - that we're just not a computer forum, and even though there is a tenuous link - any answers would just bring in more computer queries via Google - so I've closed the topic. Specifics to do with sound cards/modules seem ok - and there's one running at the moment - but not which computer shall I buy.

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