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Faststone Image Viewer


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Hi Just a question reguarding Faststone image viewer.


I use it at work to display a slide show of photos that I take an constantly update using the "file upload" function on faststone viewer.


I run the slide show on a "secondry monitor" output on my laptop as an s-video output to a number of projectors and plasma screens.


The problem I am having is everytime I want to update and upload more images from my memory card I have to

stop the slideshow and my secondry monitor displays my computer desktop.



Now I know I can just drag and drop new photos in to the windows folder manually while the slideshow is running and this works fine

as faststone viewer constantly scans the folders for changes.


Plus I only want to upload the "New" photos and not the allready uploaded pictures , as the camera does not

always get deleted each time I upload photos.


BUT! I find the "upload" function very fast and ideal for my application as I have to upload new photos while working .



Can faststone viewer do this ?? If so how??


If not can anyone recomend a programme that can or a programme that I can run alongside faststone to upload any new images to the specified

folders , and filter out the already uploaded old photos ..



Would be nice to have a Ticker tape overlay over the photos displayed I could edit "live" !!!


Am I asking to much ?? <_<



thanks guys



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You can get Google Picassa to import from your camera directly into the folder for faststone, if you tick the right box it'll even "safe delete" (delete only the imported photos) so you're ready to start with a fresh camera. You might even be able to get it to do it automagically whenever you plug in your camera/memory card.


If I get a chance I'll try and have a play today for you.





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Why can't you just delete the old photos from the camera by going to 'Delete All' (or something similar) in the camera menu, or by opening the camera as a 'My Computer' window when it is connected to the computer?


Because the camera wont be used by me and will be operated by people who are not technically minded at all :)


:angry: Asking them to do that would confuse them no end :** laughs out loud **:


Ill try the mentioned google programme though ,, , Thanks




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have a look at http://www.eye.fi/


we use wifi unit on our cannon 5d,the one above should work with any cam that will take an sd card, it makes doing slideshows at events so easy, about 5 sec after the photo has been shot its there in lightroom waiting to be edited,(we just set lightroom to auto import from the foder where the pics are landing, if we are doing an ongoing slides show tweek/crop/censor ect then just export to a folder on another pc that is running faststone or if its just a one off run of the pics we just run a slideshow from lightroom and fade to it from watchout



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