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CCT Silhouette Followspot's


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Hello all,


Bit of a long shot that anyone will be able to help with this, considering the age of the lanterns & it being a non-work time of year.....


Does anyone have (available to be emailed or scanned in) a manual or data sheet showing the plug wiring diagram for the old CCT Silhouette Followspot's? Got 4 of the things sitting at my colleague and I's unit just asking to be used on the new years eve gig/hire we've got going out. We've got 4 ballasts for them and 4 suitable connectors (9h, 16a, 480/500v, 3P+E ceeforms) for the f'spots.. shame they didn't come attached/wired to the bloody things!!!! ;)


While I'm sure CCT will be able to help me when they re-open in January, I thought I'd ask on here anyway/now, in case I was able to get a quicker answer :o


Cheers in advance for any help rendered.



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If you look on the ignitor you should find the diagram there, as you are not going to be interchanging with other units as long as you wire them all the same you should have no problem.

However before you go too far check the lamp bases as they used to be unreliable and they were the reason I ditched my lights about 20 years ago.

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