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camco repairs


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could anyone point me in the direction of someone who can repair my Camco Vortex 6? I'm getting the double flashing leds telling me that the amp is dead :) I'm in the Yorkshire area and am having trouble finding someone. I've taken it to the place that I get most repairs done and they're telling me that the amp is irrepairable. I'm hoping that they just don't know what they're doing and someone could help me out.Thanks in advance, Jason


mmm....85 views and no response, things not looking too good for me I think.....anyone do repairs on here, or know of anyone?I think I might have to package and post the amp to someone to get it sorted. thanks

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Hi, sorry to hear of your fried amp - incidentally that's the first broken camco I've ever heard of!


Fuzion (www.fuzion.co.uk) are the UK distributors, and so they are the first port of call in your quest to find a solution. Following that (having checked it's out of warranty) you might want to look at the following companies, all of which have experienced repair techs.

SSE (www.sseaudiogroup.com) Redditch, Worcestershire

Adlib (www.adlibaudio.co.uk) Liverpool


BCS are an extremely professional company which we work with occasionally, but they are based in Fareham, near Portsmouth, so at completely the wrong end of the country to you!


Just make sure to start at the distributors, and I'm sure that they'll point you in the right direction!



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I did start with fuzion, but they haven't got back to me yet....maybe with the holiday season and all that.



Jason, Hi.


Fuzion is your best bet. When we had Camco in our Hire stock we had a few problems, fuzion offer first line repair and if they can't deal with the issue they ship the amp back to Germany. (FOC, well it was for us)



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