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C Mark 2650

Sam Whitehead

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I have a C Mark 2650 amp which has a fault. It is out of warrenty so need some advice.


The fault is as follows:


With everything connected and an input given to the amp, the amp works corectly. however after a while the right side drops out, no longer amplifing, just giving out a muffled signal. When this fault first occurred, slightly increasing the pot seemed to remedy the problem (amp is normally run at 3o/c). However, this is now not the case and the only thing that seems to work is to unplug the input and then with the amp turned up, plugging the input back in (therefore giving it a bit of a jolt).


It seems to me that something may be getting stuck - I've looked but can't see anything obvious. Anyone got any ideas??/circuit diagram?? or if anyone has a contact number/e.mail for C.Mark I'd be grateful.


Thanks very much.

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As a super-budget amp, I dont think the diagrams are readily available anywhere.


Whilst Electrovision certainly import these, the manufacturer is actually SHENZHEN BAO YE HENG INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO.LTD in China. Maybe worth an email?


They also manufacture for Audiohead, T-Amp (Thomann) etc, they may have diagrams if you know their equivalent model number.

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