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Neutron Pro Hazer not functioning

Jungle Jim

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Hi all,


Posting from a theatre in California, USA.


We've just had two different Le Maitre Neutron Pro hazers die on us in one week.  The first is a newer model and it looks as if the power supply has failed. Plug it in and nothing is happening.


The second one is an older model. It was working but haze is no longer being produced. I popped it open and watched it operate. There is a branch line coming off of the tube feeding the coil that appears to be going to some kind of pump. At first you can see some fluid being pulled into it and then it gets sluggish and then some pressure builds up and the tube pops loose at the filter in that branch line.


Anyone have any experience with this or any recomendation on how to rememdy the problem?




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Hi Jim,

This is Steve Lloyd, I am the Service Manager for Le Maitre UK. What concerns me firstly, is that you have to seek advice on this site and not get help from our distributors in the States. I would appreciate an e-mail to me at steve.lloyd@lemaitreltd.com so that I can take it further.

The whole operation of this machine is solely dependent on the integrity of the thermocouple. It is formed by the two wires spot welded together to form the thermocouple(temperature sensor) and this is in turn, SILVER SOLDERED to the tube.

At switch on, the machine will go through a self cleaning regime which over-rides the temperature sensor, so, provided all else is OK, it should always go through the cleaning phase. This should last for about a minute, after which power is removed from the tube, it cools to the correct operating temperature and should then start operating.

I suggest you download the service manual from http://www.lemaitre.co.uk/productInformati...p;UKeyProduct=3


If you need any further help before we start back to work on the 2nd.,Jan., you can e-mail me on steve@esandel.co.uk



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