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anyone had xperience with Yamaha 01v96


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I use one to mix a three piece rock band.


Digital console.

Plenty of effects.

A comp on every channel.

Motorised faders.

Aux controlled by faders not pots.

Saves settings.


I like it. Does everything I need it to do. Takes some getting used to finding your way around but once you have it, it's great.

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OK I've just been winged at beccause I haven't replied to this thread. So this is more of a reply to keep other people happy rather than beccause I have any startling new information.


I looked long and hard at getting an 01v96 for more or less the same reasons you wanted one. And ended up demo-ing an 01v96 and a DDX3216.


In the end I have gone for a DDX3216 for various reasons.


1 - I liked the studio manager software on the 01v - Much better than the 3216's equivelent. The 01v gives you full talley of the entire desk at a glance - all the routing, aux levels, comp settings, ex etc.... The 3216 allows you just to drag and drop settings.


2 - One of the biggest selling features on the 3216 is the huge (10cm) bargraph displays on each ch strip - more than just showing signal present they realy clearly show what is going on - and you can set them to follow faders so they respond to whatever page you are on.


3 - Dynamic automation is a native feature of the 3216 without having to connect it to a sequencer.


4 - surround sound panning is again a native feature of the 3216. This operates independantly of the stereo bus' so you can run silmoutanious mixes - I am about to test that is show use in a couple of weeks if anyoune would like a report on how successful it is.


5 - The 01v can cope with more input chanels - the 3216 has more busses.


Just a couple of thoughts - might add some more later when I have more time.




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