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Qpack Paradime service reset??????


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Hi does anyone know how to reset the service required on these??? I have been told it is a jumper inside the unit and also in the menu 8 but I have tried this without success! Anyone help please! :angry:Dorry worry you can delete this topic now I have sorted it!
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Yes sure of course. Inside the unit behind the LCD display is a white jumper on 2 pins, Remove this jumper and then turn the unit on. When the unit is powered up got to the main menu and got to menu 8. You can then got to clear error (I think that is what its called but you will be see it.) This will now clear the error and you will be able to use the unit once again. (Please be warned that this will then reset your max heat setting) you can now turn off the unit and replace the jumper and carry on making pretty lighting effects. This is not bad coming from a noise boy.


It does state you can leave the jumper out incase it happens again but it isnt advised to just incase as you can change other settings.




Hope that helps!

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