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Suggestion for Outdoor Walk way Lights


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Just putting a budget together for the new year, I am looking to buying some new lights.


Like all things there is a limit to the budget and feel it will not be a "Rolls Royce"


Situation, is an out door event with covered stage. We are being asked to put a walk way in place for Artists to "mingle" with the audience ( No comments on Risk etc please) . Other than the classsic floor cans ( Par 64 ) Want to stay away from this as Limited in colour variety as to many cans will take up valuable space.


Do feel that this might be a good opportunity for some LED material and wondered what people might use, bearing in mind this part of stage will NOT be covered and it will be exposed to the British summer. There will be no direct overhead truss except , rear lighting from the stage. Have used follow spot only, but not always usable as can not some times get it high enough and is in direct eye line for artists


Your thoughts and ideas would be welcome.


Thanks in advance.

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