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S4 as a flood


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Took the lens barrels of my s4's today to clean them. Whilst they were off thought I would turn one up just to see what it looked like. Blimey, the spread of them is extraordinary. At a distance of about 25 feet it throws out a 39 foot circle of lovely soft light. Has anyone ever used them like this in a show. Apart from the issue of the uncovered lamp which could easily be rectified with some mesh I can't see any problem.


The spread is wider and about the same brightness as a 1.2kw cantata. Have I just discovered nirvana or has eveyone else been doing this for years?

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I guess the main issue is cost. at 250 quid each not many people have lots of source fours just lying around that they can use to do this. You could just use any fresnel to achieve the same effect.


(I just made a random guess as to the price of a s4 :blink:)


just my 00.002c


Andy J

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