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Motorized faders?


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I have been coming to this board for a few years now, and never needed to ask anything but instead found most my questions have already been answered.

However I have found myself searching high and low for motorized faders.


I have trolled through OEM sites, but I can't find anywhere that will sell them.


I intend to connect them to my PC, as I'm working on a small project.


I'm not after a finished product, but parts add to my project. If needs must, I will buy a product and take it apart, but would rather avoid such drastic measures.


If anyone knows where I can buy some, I would be very greatful if you could reply.


Thank you for your time.



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Thanks for your replies, Im going to sit down and work out which set is going to be easier to implement into my project. I think it would probably be the B-Control, but would rather use something from ALPS or Penny & Giles.


Anyway, thankyou very much, I have some food for thought.





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