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Kramer VP727 Crashing


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Hi guys,

I had a Kramer VP727 on a job last weekend and all was working fine untill halfway through the show the unit completely locked up and required a hard reboot from the power source. I had this unit connected through the T-Bar controller that you can purchase as an extra. This unit has never locked up before when working as a stand alone it's only ever done this with the T-Bar. Would any of you guys know why this might have happened or of any fixes that I can apply to this kit to stop this happening in the furture.


Thanks in advance guys, looking forward to a reply.





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Personally I'd get on the blower to the support guys over at Kramer Electronics Uk and check that the firmware on the Switcher and Controller are up to date, or at versions that work together well. After that I'd be looking to replicate the actions that caused the lock-up, and if they have no idea what's causing it get them to have a good look at a similar set up.


I have found Kramer to be very helpful in all dealings that I've had with them. Unfortunately I've never used the 727, as we went for the Screen Pro II from Barco. The controller struck me as a little flimsy, and lack of ruggedised connectors for the link from 727 to controller was also a negative point. I'm sure it really wouldn't have added much to the cost to do it with a Neutrik Ethercon and cat 5 instead of the horrible Phoenix type block connector.


I would have thought that the only way to avoid it could be to not undertake the button presses that cause the problem, assuming Kramer don't have a fix.


Sorry I can't be much more help.


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