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Guildhall interviews

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Thank you :angry:


urm, what's the working atmosphere like, does everyone get on adn can have a laugh, or really bitchy like they seem to be in some places.


And is 'An Italian Straw Hat' ok to watch 'cause we're supposed to be watching that


ta again



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Erm... In general the working atmosphere is good, people get on (esp between students) and its quite a fun place to be, and also quite relaxed.


Italian straw hat - from what I have seen and heard so far should be quite good - and funny at least! Its a french farce (ob. in english) and the director intends it to verge on panto, but not quite - at least thats what I've got from the meetings.. So a gritty drama its not, but could be quite fun...


Good luck and have fun - I'm sure I'll see you on interview day!

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