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hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere I could try to hire 4 MX4's from as Stage electrics havent got any for the time I need them and havent used anyone else before. Im in the Birmingham area and need the from the 12th -22nd of march

thanx before hand

bye MATT.

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The Martin MX1 has a 250w Halogen Lamp, whereas the MX4 has a 150w dischargw lamp - the MX4 is going to be brighter!


And the MX1 also has a combined colour/gobo wheel, whereas with the MX4 it's on two seperate wheels.


And the MX4 also has a better strobe function if I remember rightly.


So, therefore the MX4 is worth the extra few quid :D - Or you could always look at the MX10 in the future - a Mac250 in a moving mirror



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