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2 person Panto Horse


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Questions for you:


Where in the world are you?

How long is the production on for?

How much do you have to spend?


All of these will effect the answer. In general if you are only doing a week or two in will be cheeper to hire and most costume hire companies will have them. They do, however, vary in quality and price and are at their most scarce during Decenber and January.

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Derbyshire & production week is mid February, haven't a clue on budget we would like to buy so the horse can practice & use it for promotion over Christmas. We have seen some on ebay for approximately £250 but I didn't like the style of them.
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Hi pantoman,


Know just how you feel, we've looked at tin man outfits and they're rubbish, we've now been given a budget of £250 to make one, and so far materials alone are nearly half that, we're not in this for profit, but seem to have been roped in to it, if you think you can source materials and make/assemble it so it works, do so, or to be safe hire one.




P.S. there is still a fair amount of kit to get ! ! .

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