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Hi guys, been looking at your forum for a while now, Am looking to buy a pair of the stairville mv250h's from thomann, for £415 for the pair delivered.

Before buying them I really would like to have a look at the manual, as the description on thomanns' site leaves quite a lot to be desired. if anyone has the manual on their PC, or knows a link to it, would be greatly appriated.

also if anyone has got any of these unit, and has any oppinons on them would love to hear what the general thoughts are on them.


Many thanks


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This unit is avaliable in many forms including the ACME Spotknight, I have the manual. Please PM me with your email is you would like me to send it to you.





Cheers josh, my email is Moderation: email removed, and PM'd to Josh - Please be careful with full emails as Google spiders the forum regularly - if you want spam.......


Moderation: Unnecessary quoting of the whole of the previous post removed.

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Hi Matt,


Personal opinion time!


When buying something like this, remember that you get what you pay for.


These are mostly suited to DJ's and maybe sound to light with a band.


If you were intending to use them in theatre or any other professional environment, they are not really suitable - the 250w elc lamp is just not bright enough - it will be washed out by any other stage lighting, there is no dimming capability, the pan tilt resolution is not good enough at 8 bit - just a few major downsides!


If you were looking to use them as dj lighting, I personally think there is a lot better out there for a little bit more - have you looked at any of the Robe clubspot range?


Having said this, they do what they say on the tin - it is a moving head, it looks ok through haze, the pre programed sound to light as a pair is ok.


I'd really think whether they are suitable for what you want before you buy - as I said at the top, in lighting, you get what you pay for.


Hope this helps a little.




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