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Showtec sliding bar


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Anyone used one of these bars that contains four dimmers? BR Google doesn't have any entries with that title. I'm thinking of getting a couple for a minimal installation in a school drama room where anything more complicated would be overkill (and overstressing on my budget).


A second question. They have eyebolts built into them from which they can be flown: would using just two chains to do this constitute safe mounting (assuming four Par56s mounted on the bar, each with its own safety) or would you prefer to do more? (For ref: mounting height is about 3m above floor so if one chain failed the bar would swing down and could clobber a tall person). Oh.. answered my own question there since I am that tall person :)

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I haven't made any decision over what I'll use but I think that hanging from the ceiling will be safer than mounted on a stand. Too many children milling round. And if it was on a stand the Governors would insist that it be safetied to the ceiling anyway. Do you recommend anything?
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There are six 10ft x 4ft flats on our stage that are each held up only by two chains screwed to their top edge and hung onto one of the drape barrels. Four different gauges of chain in use from "substantial" to "bog". Probably done by the school caretakers. I'm currently in the process of replacing them with drapes (the flats not the caretakers...) so I'll use some of that chain.


Edit: The other end of the chain will be attached by wall anchor into the concrete ceiling by our electricians.

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I have 'had' to mount a few of these before

I used a length of unistrut across the top of the bar

and fixed using all four of the m10 fixings then

studed the unistrut to my anchors


By doing this, you take the load off either end of the dimmer bar as the weight

is even across its length


Worked well but would never choose to fly these items



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