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M7CL and DBX driverack 480


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Hey, hope you all are well.


Heres the problem / task I wish to make my life slightly simpler....


An M7CL's midi output from cues (say cue from mix 1 when doing monitors) does not interact properly with a DBX driverack 480r,


A method of solution is to use a laptop, midi interface, and the use of Max/MSP to parse the sysex coming from the M7CL and convert it to Driverack midi language,


I am planning on either purchasing, or building a device to do this automatically without the need of using a laptop and carrying around a seperate midi interface, and just leaving such device in the driverack flightcase or in the back of the M7CL,


I am curious as too whether anyone out there has succesfully managed to create such a device, or has found one out there (to save me building one!) and whether anyone has initial tips or methods which may save me some time seeing as im starting from scratch programming a chip and so on.


Many thanks



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When you say the M7 doesn't "interact properly" with a 480R, what do you mean? What is it you are trying to accomplish? In general, any control on the console that can send a midi message can send any midi message. What kind of messages are you trying to send? I am not sure, and I don't have a console to test at the moment, that the "Cue" buttons can send midi. You may be able to program a UDK to act as both cue, and send the message. Another alternative would be to use the 480R as a remote for the M7's internal graphic eqs. Each band of each eq is available for midi control. That way the eq would be in the circuit when you cue, but you would probably have to select the channel on the 480R to make changes.



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