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Hi There


I have downloaded Light convese amazing my I add 5/5 just wondering if any body has the same

problem I will minimize it once then reopen it and I can onlt=y sdo this the once if I do it again I

will loose all the work as it will freeze!


So is there a way of working around this or is it a fault of the software as I have

tryed downloading it again!


So if anyone can help then would be much gratefull


Thanks Menghini222 :oops:

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Thank you for your 5 points.

First of all we are never see that problem. Do you minimize it by it own button, or by other way (Alt-Tab is not good idea for 3D fullscreen app.)?


I will loose all the work as it will freeze
- no, this is not true. If you have license (dongle inserted) your work is automatically saved on each minimize or emergency exit.

Anyway, you can run LightConverse 242 in the desktop window and make your windows work without minimizes. Just use 'LightConverse in window' shortcut for this. :tearshair:

Minimize is only needed for CPU and memory releasing.


Add: What videocard you have? Integrated videocards and TurboCache technology can be too slow when they scratch system memory and your system really may freeze.

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