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Foam machine

Jon T

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Once crewed in a club in birmingham and had one of these, can't remeber which model, but we have had in smaller versions which were rubbish. The best one dumper 150gallons in 60seconds. the water was about 4" deep and seeped through the floor into the car park underneath.


The atmosphere was amazing, but the mess was a pain to clear up at the end of the even. (4am in the morning was not fun!)


One thing you must consider is where people will walk if you are going to use one. As the event manager I had to call 3 ambulances for seperate incidents relating to head injuries from people slipping over.


Oh and the foam concentrate is very caustic, cleans the floor well, but in neat form takes skin off quite well! and leaves a good rash!


All I can say is, plan plan plan. sort out the problems before they happen and you will be fine. We had it back again for a re-run it was that good, and had very few problems second time around.







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