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Has anyone any experience with Small Form Factor/Low Profile graphics cards??


I have a load of HP Compaq dc7700 presentation PC's (reasonably high spec: dual 2.13GHz processor, 2Gb RAM, ATI Radeon X1300 graphics card (256Mb)), however they are performing badly, even with basic 1024x768 ppt tasks.


The graphics card output is on a DMS-59 socket in which you plug in a either D-SUB or DVI splitter (obviously not ideal..and I'm guessing thats where the problem lies!).


Basically, I'm looking at changing all of the graphics cards and want to know the best solution. The limitations are that they are small form factor PC's (not my choice!). I would prefer multiple outputs as it saves DA's/PC Interfaces etc. or is it possible to have 2 cards per machine?


Any suggestions would be greatfully recieved!



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HI, I have 2 Brand new Dell VOSTRO PC's. They both use this video card. We use them for running PowerPoint at conferences.

They run well.

BUT the graphics card has lots of odd limitations... e.g. it will not "clone" outputs 1 and 2 at 1024 x 768, however it will do this at higher res settings.

It will run both outputs at 1024 x 768 on "extended desktop" mode.


Let me know if you have specific problems.


Dell telephone support were excellent.

There's also an AMD / ATI website with some info that wasn't quite so helpful.


Just thought I'd let you know you're not alone!



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What do you mean by behaving badly?

I have some similiar machines purely for showswhich were behaving badly and after lots of hours re-installing drivers etc, I ran a defrag and the things now run perfectly.


hope this helps

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