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LED Parcans fixture profile


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Why dont you use a virtual intesity.


I have the stairville ones....they have no dimmer channel, so the fixture profile has a virtual intesity.....


Why dont you use the starvillie profile as a template and modify it to your needs.

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After actually connectiong my LED Par up I have discovered that I was wrong but I will create a new fixture to reflect this change. I have asigned Red Green and Blue as Specials Under Colour which has them set as aditive RGB I have then imported this into the Ofline editor for Leapfrog and confirmed that a blackout will reduce the RGB because of the lack of a Dimmer


Just to add to this, if you're using the latest version of the Fixture Tools, and are using a Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96 or Frog 2 with the fixture profile, you can assign the channels as "Scale by Virtual Channel" and then add an additional "Dimmer" channel (with the "Virtual" tickbox ticked) and your fixtures will gain a virtual dimmer, meaning that the Grand Master and/or sub/playback masters will affect the brightness of the channel, but you can still use palettes etc to pick colours.


Please feel free to email me your fixture profile to pkirkup@zero88.com and I'll add it to our main library.

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