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I just downloaded zero88 light converse and when I tried to open it it came up with an error which said:

RunError #216 (general protection fault)

Calls stack:

06482687 [**unknown**]


RVGA.INITWINDOW[at 00000312]

LC.LC[at 0000001B]


does anyone know what that means and what I should do?



Jake :rolleyes:

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Hello I had the same error when I downloaded it I downloaded it on 28/5/08 but it came up with that error.

Do you mean there is an upgrade or is what I downloaded today broke too.

If there is an upgrade / patch can u send the link.

Ile keep searching the mighty google for the answer and I will post It if I find it but if you can answer this ide very much apreciate it .

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Hi Jack

It can't be the same error, because you have other core file, or not?

Can you show me exactly what your system says and we will think about solution.

It will be perfect to see the information about your LC version, Win. version, Videocard model, Video-Driver version.

Thank you.

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Make sure you have the absolute newest graphics card drivers - all the graphics card manufacturers had big problems with Vista drivers, which caused faults with many graphics-intensive applications.

The chances are that if your PC is older than a month it was shipped with poor drivers that will need updating.


I know that Congo Offline doesn't run properly on under older graphics drivers - thankfully the newest releases seem to have fixed the problems.

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