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strictly come dancing


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Clay Paky Stage Colour 300's.


Cases are custom sprayed chrome silver. Only Richard Martin Lighting have them for hire (unless I'm poorly informed) UsedLX have some for sale.


Not sure what use any of this to you, I suspect its gear 'ooogling IMO :)



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Oh no not another debate about this topic :) hehe. I & the concensus say there is!


Oh and just to keep this post on topic :o. Here's a fact about the lights used on the show. All the fixtures are fitted with 16a plugs!

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That's because your all a bunch of grumpy old men with nothing better to do than argue about things!
Me... old!! :) How dare you! *chuckle*


Anywho.. how'd you guess what we all spend all our time doing anyway :o


Wonder how long it'll be before one of our friendly mods comes along and files this thread in the appropriate place.



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