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Cable/DMX testers

ian hatch

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Hi all

I know this subject has come up many times before, but I could not find the right answer to my question.

What I'm after is a tester that can test both DMX and Audio (mic cables etc) in installations.

It is not possible to remove the cables to use one of the little cheap cable testers that needs both ends available to make a test.

I've looked at the micro-scope 3a type of testers (proberly overkill for what I need) great for DMX but could you use one in a pure cable test role for audio leads?

What I'm trying to avoid is buying two different expensive testers.

Any suggestions.

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Try cable jog:


Cable Jog


The audio jog would do 1pr DMX with some benders. For 2pr DMX (and with 5 pin DMX sockets) they have a newer model which is not on their website but was at PLASA. If you have two units you can do local/remote testing of installed cables (you put one unit at each ends and they talk down the cable).

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The Behringer cable tester performs tests without having to have both ends at the same location. It involves a plug with pins shorted on the other end enabling fault conditions to be determined. Its very cheap (at most £30). It doesn't come with 5 pin XLR but you could easily make up an adaptor or 2 OR at that price buy 2 and modify one to contain 5 pin XLR connectors. This would only test 1 pair and the screen of the DMX cable at a time but I am sure you could easily make it work.

If you require testing for the presence and correct wiring of an actual DMX stream search the internet. A simple tester can be made with a bi-colour LED and some resistors.



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As long as you don't need to check the integrity of the cable, i.e. to check if it will take DMX, making up adapters for a cheap cat5/6 pin tester works fine, you don't need both ends of the cable in one place and you can test up to 8 pin connectors, they're also rather small.


However if you want a digital data test you will need something more complex.


This is the kind of thing I'm talking about: http://www.vpi.us/catacc-tools.html



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