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Any experience of dBX IEQ31?


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Am looking at upgrading a behringer DEQ2496 which needs repair (left channel keeps dropping out) and I have some jobs coming up sooner than I can get it repaired. I'd like something with physical faders rather than virtual ones and want something a bit better in the quality range without spending a fortune. I've looked at BSS opal FCS-966, but I've also come across the dBX IEQ31 which looks interesting. I'm attracted by the mention of some sort of feedback suppression system which might be useful.


Does anyone have any opinions of this unit, dBX in general, or the AFS system? The ultracurve feedback supressions is 'interesting' in that it does eleiminate problem frequencies and has a 'learn' mode for setup but I think my clients would be deaf by the time it's done it since it takes about 3 sec to insert filters. I tend to use it by looking at the RTA whilst pushing up a mic fader and noting the frequencies and then applying a PEQ at that freq.





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First of all, rather than going and buying a unit because you need one sooner than you can repair yours, why not hire? there are plenty of companies local to you that can sort you out an eq be it analogue or digital.


I've got a handful of 2496's and touch wood haven't had a problem with them. I don't use the feedback destroyer element, rather use the the graphic and/or parametric and sometimes I'll utilize the Dynamic EQ if I'm in a room that warrants it or am using an unfamiliar system where I find problems at certain volumes whilst only having a limited time to overcome them.


Bonza http://www.bonza.co.uk/ has some BSS 960's for sale at £395+vat a go (or rather the site states this) which IMO would be a rather large step up from the dbx unit you mention. I would of course choose the DEQ2496 over the BSS unit for features and usefulness.


also...Most feedback destroyers are very slow, these are designed for use in soundchecks really, though I prefer to use my ears and a graphic/para.

Your method of using the RTA function is a good one providing you are learning from this, http://sft.sourceforge.net/ is a feedback trainer which should make it easier for you to spot frequencies. That way, when you get sent to a gig without the facilities, you wont be left in a mess.




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this is a bit off topic from the dBX...just want to say thanks to Rob for the link to that Simple Feedback Trainer! No longer do I have to subject people to horrible feedback whilst practicing my frequencies!

Now back to the dBX eq...I have a couple of these in my rack at work and I've got to say whilst they're not bad units I would definetely spend that extra cash and go for the BSS :)

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