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Recommendations for small (8" drivers) speakers


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Does anyone have any recommendations for small speakers? 8" drivers max - budget of about £250 per speaker (or if their was a powered equivalent, a bit more). I've found various options but not had a chance to listen to them. Any thoughts very welcome... They would be used for live acoustic music / playback / speech in a venue with a very low ceiling. Would I need separate subs to go with them?



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We'd really need to know what sort of output you required. You can get some small boxes that sound lovely but might not be the loudest boxes in the world. then again there are some that are louder but may not sound as sweet.


If you can source/listen to a pair of Martin W0.5's then do have a listen. Not the loudest box in the world but a nice sound IMO. (they're an 8). For playback however you would require subs. The W0.5's retail out of your budget but if you are lucky enough to find a pair used then they should be within it.


I would think for any box that small you'd require subs, or perhaps a single sub. If necessary you could use a single sub for playback and not bother with it if it was just speech on a particular occasion.




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The Thomann PA108 is quite a remarkable box if your situation suits it. Depends how big your room is, and how loud you want it of course, but they sound pretty good, are powered and cost less than £90. Some subs to go with them would be a good idea if you want more bass/level.
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Does anyone have any recommendations for small speakers?...

...Would I need separate subs to go with them?



Hi Ben!


Not sure I can help with any current models. As for whether you'd need separate subs - what kind of SPL's are you looking to acheive, and in what kind of room, with what kind of source material? Is this for worship meetings, concerts or both? How many of these speakers are you looking to install?


C ;)

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I'd be looking at second hand EM acoustics EMS 81, which we've got installed, or nexo ps8s, although you may be stretching your budget. Alternatively, and slightly cheaper you could go for the plastic fantastic EV SX80, all of which are fine speakers.



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DAS 108s are nice. They have handles too, which makes them a darn site nicer to carry than the Sx80s - not sure how they compare in sound though


Nice on Vocals.


They can handle a lot too, we use them at work to do sound insulation testing on dusty building sites. We chuck in as much pink noise as we can into them and only had one go down on us - one of the woofers couldn't handle it any more.


But that was a Sine wave of 100Hz driven fully.

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Hi Ben,


Hope you're well.


I would recommend KV2's EX6 speakers - only a 6" driver, and a powered box. Heard them at PLASA and they are nice and loud, and sound good.


Most small speakers are gonna be good at speach and low level music without a sub, but for anything more I would always recommend a sub.


The EX6 is a new model, so am not sure on pricing.





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Hi ya Ben,


Had a demo of some EX6 speakers in my venue a couple of days ago.

They are really loud for a small speaker, and sound nice either quiet or loud, and have a nice warm sound with surprisingly good level of low end considering thier size. For most things we won't need a sub with them (we may be getting four of them, for one in each corner of one of our function rooms - will only use a sub for loud discos/bands.)

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Hopefully I'm not breaking forum rules by recommending products that I distribute, but Community do a really sweet 8" in their VERIS line - the VERIS 8 (strangely enough).


The list price of this chap is £279 ex VAT including bracket, so is around about your budget.


We (and our dealers) have done a lot of comparitive listening with competitor products (Martin Audio, RCF, Logic etc.) and the VERIS comes out on top for most peoples ears.


More info can be found on our website or Community's website


For foreground music applications, I would recommend using subs with these cabs (as with all 8s).

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Hi there , Iv used electro voice Speakers for many years and have been impressed and very happy with them


I Used to have 2 pairs of the industry standard s200`s and upgraded to 4 sx200`s , and now have 6 sx300`s

I would recomend EV to anyone.


Have a look at these babies




The EV sx 80.



Matt :guilty:

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