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Martin Roboscan 218s

James S

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Hi all,


Does anyone happen to have a Martin Roboscan 218 mk1 control pcb diagram or know which way round the motors plug in. (The circuit board doesnt seem to have it on and the cable colours dont seem to match up to what they should be).


I could just plug in and test but I thought asking would be quicker.


I'm trying to convert mk2s into mk1s by swapping the boards (unless anyone has a pair of working mk2 control boards for sale?)



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Martin ought to be able to email you the pdf of the board layout, they were freely available for download on their website a while ago.


If you dont mind experimenting then you could always plug the motors in and try it. It should be obvious if and when the wrong motors do the wrong thing when respondiong to your desk. It wont do any harm!

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