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ShowCAD Artist Question


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Once again I'm stumped with ShowCAD and hoping you guys can offer some advice.....


Basically I have installed some new PAR cans and a mini city arc flood into a venue in which I'm working, have patched them into ShowCAD and proceeded to program some simple chases for the cans and a '100% ON or OFF' scene for the Mini City.....however when I activate these scenes, wether through a patched midi key, a linked cue or by directly clicking on the scene itself, the relevant fixtures will not activate unless I physically go into the scene control box and manually move the fader slider, it makes no difference wehter I move the fader up/down or by how much.


I seem to recall an article about this problem subm,itted by somebody else, but cant find it on the search, so apologies if I have repeated a previous topic.....


Thanks for your help in advance....




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