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In-ear headphones


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After accidentally destroying my old headphones I am thinking of replacing them with some in-ear ones. I was a bit apprehensive about getting in-ear headphones but based on the countless raving reviews around the place I am going to buy a pair.


I have decided to go for either the Sennheiser CX300 (£16 - Amazon) or the Shure E2C (£29 - Amazon).


I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these headphones and could recommend one over the other.


Many Thanks,



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I have both,


The E2C's are clear, dry and bright and great for IEM. They have much better bass response, whilst retaining their clarity, when used with custom moulds. The cable and storage pouch are tough and well designed.


The CX300 are not great for IEM as they have less clarity, but they make up for that when listening to recorded material i.e. mp3 etc, when they sound great. They are lightweight and very comfortable (which is why I use the IE4 for IEM.)

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I got some E2s for iPod and very occasional IEM use. They work quite well as IEMs, but I really hate them for iPod listening. They're harsh and unpleasant, and the in ear thing I find really uncomfortable for long periods of time. I went back to my 10 year old Sony earphones, and the E2s are sitting on the shelf waiting in case I do an IEM gig.
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