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Hi Guys,


I'm just in the process of servicing my two Solo 2k (tungsten) followspots for the 'new season', and I want to re-assess what gels I use with them. They have 6-colour mags, of which one is taken up by a blackout frame. So in the remaining 5 I was thinking of... (all Lee colours)


1. White diffusion (just to soften edges slightly) eg. 252 "1/8 white diffusion"

2. Single colour stop (reduce intensity but no colour) eg. 209 "1 light stop"

3. Tungsten to daylight correction eg. 203 "1/4 CT Blue"

4. Straw tint eg. 103

5. Pink tint eg. 154


I obviously also have a wide range of other colours for show-specific effects etc. but I want to have a 'standard' arrangement for musicals and variety shows where little planning is available, so flexibility is the key. I'm also conscious that with these tungsten spots, even at 2k, they are not as bright as I would often like, so tints must be kept to the lightest possible shades.


Will the diffusion mentioned (252) be too much in a followspot over, say, 20m throw? If so, what do others use? Will the 203 look 'too blue'? I'm really jusy wanting something to remove the tungsten yellowness, but 218 "1/8 CT Blue" looks too pale to make much difference. I'm fairly confident the 103 and 154 will be fine as I have used these before.


The problem is I can't really afford (money or time) to get lots of alternatives and try them out in a venue.


What do you use in your tungsten spots?



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I'd be tempted by 201 - Full CT Blue to be honest.


Followspots often need to completely cut through the stage lighting, and the higher colour temp of discharge spots does this well.


The only problem I saw with this option is that I'd lost too much intensity. You're right... it is the 'cutting through' type cues I was thinking of for the colour correction, however these are inefficient old lights and of course the brightest it can ever be is with open white, any gel in front will reduce the output, even if it is correcting colour temp for the better, so 201 could be self defeating. Thats why I was going for the compromise 1/4 or 1/8 CT. Thanks for the input though, what do others think on this?

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Well I guessed that .. but perhaps what I should have said is for followspot control unless you are doing work for camera I very much doubt that the difference would be noticeable to the eye and really unless you have very good operators that can roll colour well, using ND to reduce intensity could be problematic.
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