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Coemar ProSpot LX

Guest icecream

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Guest icecream

Hello all,


My name is Azar. I work for a company a Lightiong Company here in Canada. Yesterday a customer brought in a ProSpot LX fixture. He said there was something wrong with the DMX signal. True enough, when I turned the fixture on the LED display was flashing and the fixture it self was making erratic behaviour (fixture was just spinning)


I'm not too familiar with this light. I contacted Coemar head office but, I have not heard from them yet. I have a copy of the manual but, it does not tell me on how to tackle the problem.


Is there anyone here that may assist me in trouble shooting the cause of the problem?


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Here are a few things to try.


Does the fixture move without DMX - ie does it calibrate.


When thats finished, what is displayed on the control panel?


It should show the DMX address. If not what does it show.


It may have a fault code ie. heat error ---


If the fixture is moving erratically — check that its not in demo mode or self movement.


Get back to me with more info.





Contact in Canada for Coemar is :-


Patrick BouchardPjB Marketing

Mobile: 514.294.5508e-mail: patrick@pjbmarketing.ca

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Guest icecream

I have replaced the DMX chip. Now the projector just spins and is tilting. Also, the display says reset. I have tried pressing some buttons but, it's not responding


Can anyone help?

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