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BBE sonic maximiser


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I've worked/consulted at a number of broadcasters that use them for voice...mainly rock DJ and loud commercial type stuff. I've also mixed (several times) an live act that brings a unit along with them and insists (in their rider) that it be used.


Does it work? Well, it depends on what you're after. If you like a smooth, natural sound, forget it. However, if you want edgy sounding vocals, then it does its job. As you might gather, I'm not a fan personally but recognise that it does give voices a specific sound...and if an act wants to sound that way, then so be it.


A couple of points:


First, there are several models. For professional applications, make sure you get the one with XLR ins and outs (which is set up for +4dBu. The prosumer versions are looking for -10 on the input and are prone to overloading.


Second, be aware that at least part of the processing involves EQ with boost in several bands, notably around 5k. Like any EQ boost, you can suddenly find yourself in trouble with feedback if you add too much.



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I have an old aphex aural exciter 204 in my FOH rack which is similar to the BBE unit. Have it hooked up to be after each channel of one of my 2 channel compressors and I tend to use one channel for the kick and the other on either the lead vocal or more likely the bass depending on where it is needed. Sometimes I don’t use it a lot sometimes its bypassed but its useful to have it there and I find that it adds a nice attack to slap bass to make it cut through a mix.




Like most things use your ears and if it does not sound right then don’t use it!

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I've always wanted a 204 for my bass rig.. I might just get one now!


Thats its other job! I take it out of my FOH rack in slot it into my bass rig it goes


Laney RBW500 ---- FX loop out ---- Cloud CS335 compressor --- Aphex ---- FX loop in


Sounds very good even if im only using the laney and not the laney + 4x10 cab

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