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Hey Noise Boyz,


Right, I've been given the job of buying some monitor EQ's for the venue I operate in!! Hehehe lucky me!


The budget is roughly £500 per unit and I need 8 of them.


The monitor system that I'm running consists of:


x1 Qsc HPR181i Drumers Wedge (Active)

x1 QSC HPR153i Drumers Wedge (Active)


x6 Turbosound TFM-450 (Bi Amped)

x2 Turbosound TQ 425 (Active) Sidefills


x3 LMS D24 Controllers

x3 T-475 Amps


I'm pretty open to ideas people may have.


Ideally I'd like single units rather than dual,

31 Band,

2u Unit with long swoop range


This is a big ask! But I'd also like feedback locator leds!!! Some old Pevy units used to have them but I'm not seeing them about much any more. (Please don't take that as I'm looking for Pevy, that would be a crime to mix with Turbosound!!!). The venue I operate in doesn't have a monitor engineer, so the stage mix is done from FOH. The little LED's are handy for a quick ajustment whilst the act are performing.


Anyway here are my needs, from here I shall wait for the Cyber Soundman to answer!!


Cheers Guys n' Girls


Its a bit cold in this Blueroom, anyone ever thought of putting some Red Gels up? Give it a purple feel!!

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For that price range, I would look around and see if you can get some second hand KTDN360's Very good EQ's although they do not have "feedback LED's" on! Finding 8 in one go could be a problem though.


The DBX 2231 is a good unit and I think it comes in under £500 new. Its a dual 31 band job, not aware of many single 31 band units out there.



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the DBX 131 is single channel, but I dont see any reason why you wouldnt prefer to have 4 dual channel ones over 8 singles..


EDIT: DBX dont do FBQ style LEDs either. I have a couple of behringer FBQs for my foldbacks, they're good, but I would much prefer to drop the FBQ LEDs and get myself a proper DBX rack as soon as I can afford it.

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8 of them.

I'm confused. When you say 8 do you mean 8 channels or 8 eqs which usually tend to be 2 channels each thus 16 channels of EQ. If by some miracle your budget is £500 per channel of EQ then this gives you £1000 per unit to play with opening up alot more doors.


16 Channels of EQ is quite alot, its also worth noting that with alot of eq's that will related to 24u of space. 16u for the 2u eq's but the majority of shall we say industry standard ones are 3u.


Second Hand GQ600's come up from time to time around the £500-£600 mark, but not often enough for you to get 8 of them I don't think. Nor do they have the feedback detection system in them. Come to think of it, the old peavey ones and the Behringer ones are the only ones I know of with this system in, ideally you should be able to work without it but I must admit, it is handy, especially from FOH.




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How about the Audient product, should be available for that sort of money, especially if you are buying a few.

No LEDs, but they are nice EQs (Maybe get the dealer to throw in a cheap "B" RTA thing for the top slot in the rack?).


Another thought would be to go for one of the digital speaker management systems, maybe a couple of 480's and a 480R to give the faders. Being able to EQ the wedges from on stage (as in literally stood in front of them) is magic. This gets you crossovers, delays and parametrics thrown in.


Regards, Dan.

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I guess this Behringer has the wrong name on it too ;) , although it does come close to what you ask for.


Edit. Or this one which can be set to 0 to -24, has feedback detection, pink noise & stuff. It's for stereo though (L+R are the same eq) so you'd need one for each channel.

I'll second the FBQ6200 (the first one) it is good at what is does.

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Quickly f you're already operating the venue what are you currently using for monitor EQ?


Personally as a mainly a monitor man, I'd recommend trying to get a bit more money and getting the best quality EQ you can. Buying anything less will probably end up being a false economy over a period of a few years what with the use and abuse EQs in such circumstances suffer. The usual suspects apply XTA GQ-600, BSS FCS-960, KT-DN360 etc

You're also going find alot less visiting engineers moaning at you if you have quality, industry standard Graphics on board. Not to mention it would be a shame to stick something inferior on a TFM-450 you'd be doing nobody any favours


If you can't swing for new KT, BSS, XTAs then look for some second-hand ones (try Pete at Crystal Pro Audio), or some of the big rental companies. Failing that the Audients are a good compromise of price, performance and durability. Not sure about the KT Square Ones (as I've never used one in anger) but you might get be able to get a deal on a quantity of those.


And the more lights, bells and whistles on a graphic then the less they've spent on the important things like the faders and the transformers. Keep it nice, simple and clean that's the way side of stage.


Just my tuppence worth

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