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Strand Lens Request


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Hi there I know this is a little bit of a long shot but, I am after a lens for a strand 'solo 2k followspot, I know that it is probably not supported by Strand anymore but someone might have a dusty one on the shelf somewhere! It is Planoconvex 6" in diameter and 3/4 of an inch in the thickest part. maybe you might have a lens fitting these dimensions for something else that might work. Cheers for looking. Matt Simpson
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Hi Matt,

Welcome to the Blue Room.

I believe the part you are looking for had a factory number of 60/B039. The description was Plano Convex 6 x 16 (6" diameter, 16" focal length => 155mm x 410). You could try British Optical www.britishoptical.co.uk, as I think this is where Strand sourced them from.


Hope this helps.




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