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History Of Sound


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I am am currently studying A-level Performing Arts, in a group of 12 I am the Stage Manager and Sound technician. For the course I have to write a portfoli explain about what I have had to do for the final performacne, but also it involves some research into the history of the relevent areas. At the moment I am currently doing the History of sound. I am really stuck as to where to start on this, so if you could give me a few starting points or bits of information. Like when was the first microphone used in a theatre and when was the first PA system used etc. Any help you could give would be greatly appriciated.





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Check out Charlie Richmond's resource centre HERE. It contains tons of theatre sound related links which might be useful, including a bibliography.


As for books, John Leonard's aptly named "Theatre Sound" contains a chapter on the history of sound and is a very worthwhile read.



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