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versatile mic stands

James Cox

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I want to buy a mic stand for an NTG-2 and transmitter. I want it to have: a heavy, round, floor base (approx. 25cm diameter); a column approx. adjustable to 60-90cm in height; and, a boom arm approx. 60-90cm in length. And, black.


Oh, yes, and I would like to be able to simply unscrew the boom arm, and screw the mic-holder on to the centre column instead, and even unscrew the centre column, and screw the mic-holder to the floor base instead. Maximum flexibility.


Has anything like that been designed yet???


My research suggests I'd have to buy a 100cm-150cm floor-base stand with no boom, a foldable leg stand with boom, and a table-top stand. Surely, there is a company out there that makes one so that all these components can be built-up as desired - a professional, versatile, all-in-one wonder?




James Cox.

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This should screw onto the top of any stand with 3/8" thread.


60 - 90cm seems to be an unusual length for round base. I see many shorter & some longer. Round base is not as stable as a tripod, so be careful about using booms.


I tend to buy the £10 studiospares stands & introduce them to my hacksaw if I want something shorter. :D

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A round base for a tabletop mic stand is unlikely to be stable enough for a full height floor stand. I have a couple of older stands that are slightly smaller than your requirements (40-80cm high at a guess) with a round base and boom but I have no idea who made them originally.





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