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happy mondays @ brixton academy 06.10.07

dan slv-tech

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did anyone else go on sat night? I had comps for it, the 1st band werent much cop, and when the mondays came on, gee, what a noise- I was stood behind FOH and the guys there didnt appear to notice it sounded awful- the vocals were drowned out, couldnt hear the drums that clearly, and there was far to much LF making it slightly painful to listen too- nice to see a series 5 working away, not sure what was used on MON again an analog desk, nice selection of outboard, couple of yamaha SPX2000, lexicon MP500, and some nice DBX on kit and bass- I think and I could be wrong the line array was vertec, far too screechy, and they were using some RTA software which they both insessanty kept looking at but either didnt know how to change the eq or didnt want too-



I left after about 40mins as it was just unintelligable and nasty to listen too- dont get me wrong theres loud and nice and theres loud and S*** and this was the latter-


If the FOH visit hear would be interested to hear about any issues, I know the acadamy is a pig to sound (been there) but surely point source could have been better and better design of placed boxes as apposed to a great big gap in the sound in the middle at the back



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