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MAC 250 not working correctly


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Have an oldish 250 spot hanging which I am guessing has a problem with the locators on the colour wheel. Strikes up okay, then when you change colour, it changes but then kind of sticks on colour rotate. Now and agein it'll close shutter on its own accord - I presume that's the failsafe for when the problem with the locators occurs.


Is this a relatively simple thing to fix (for a competent technician) or will it require a visit to Martin Service Dept?


Any help appreciated...



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Does it display any errors on the side panel ?? Sounds to me like you have a dying stepper motor, I could be wrong, but I know I've had similar problems in the past and it has been due to a stepper on the way out. Good news is they are easy to replace, and you can just call martin for a spare.


When it closes its shutter does it display any messages on the side ??

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I have also experienced this error but found it not to be a hardware fault it was all down to DMX address as the incorrect channels were set.


The lighting desk for example thought the fixture was addressed at channels 19-36 where on the fixture it was addressed as 28-45 so the lighting desk was only changing half of the channels meaning the wrong colours were being selected and the colour wheel and gobos constantly spin.


You may want to question whether they are addressed correctly. It may even be down to the DMX signal not reaching the fixture correctly and there could be a break in the line somewhere, check it all over, you never know it could be as simple as this.


If this doesnt fix your case and it is still continuing to spin the colour wheel then it most likely is a hardware problem, most likely a connection to the colour wheel motor. If no error message is displayed on the screen it will be very hard for you to open the light up and locate the problem yourself and if you don't have much idea of what you are doing you could make it worse. In this case I would contact Martin and have it sent back and repaired there. Then at least you know your getting proper treatment and these guys know what they are doing.


Hope this helps in someway, let me know the outcome.



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The fault you are describing could mean that the magnetic sensor on the color wheel needs re adjusting.

If the unit cals up fine and then the color wheel drifts once operating temperature is reached it normally means the magnet and sensor are not aligned correctly.

The shutter cutting in is a result of the effects feedback. This can be disabled in the menu but won't solve the color wheel problem just stop the shutter cutting in.

Re-aligning the wheel involves loosening the allen grub screws and moving the wheel round on the motor shaft to achieve a better alignment with the sensor.


I'm sure Martin could fix the fixture for you but if you maintain them regularly maybe you should contact Martin for some training.




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Cheers, havent had a chance to have a look at it but what you describe as a problem with the sensors sounds about right. If it's as simple as you say to fix I have no problem sorting it. It's firing up okay but whan you start changing colours that's when it gets a mind of its own RE colour.



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