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Low fogger


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Hi Guys / Girls,


I have a cheapo low fogger, designed to take a bucket full of ice cubes. Obviously this is a pain to keep pumping the water out of the unit every 30 minutes or so. Anyone know of an alternative to ice that may work? I have tried ice blocks before, but didn't work very well. Any other ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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you could get plastic ice cubes if that makes sense. they are small plastic cubes filled with water which when frozen act as ice cubes. If you bought loads you could just swap the melted ones for some from the freezer. no water to pump out and no need to keep buying ice. Not sure how it would effect the fog but I cant see why it would make a difference.


I think they sell them in supermarkets (I know the poundshop round the corner from my old venue do.)


Hope that helps

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If you wanted you could use dry ice, just you have to consider theses things:


That a to high level of CO2 (what dry ice gives off, I think???) will start making people pass out if someone decides to go play a fool by the dry ice, but that is not really a problem I assume.


Another problem could be that you don't have the budget to buy dry ice as it is more expensive than normal ice.


The final problem you might have, which you would just have to test with, is that the dry ice might cool the smoke to much.


Hope this helps


Oliver S


*edit spelling

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Guest joewhite903

Woo got my CO2 Tank today, Just gotta build the expansion chamber and regulator stand an I think im sorted, New smoke machine (martin Junior 700) works a treat .


HELP MODERATORS I dont know how to delete this post I accidently put it in this forum

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