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Movable drum riser


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Hi, I've trawled the internet and found only one company that sell mobile drum risers.

What I have been asked to find is a low platform to put a drum kit on, that can stay on it and be wheeled around the studio it is in, and occasionally to another studio area.

The only one I've found so far is called Rolling Risers, but they are in the USA and I'm in the UK.

Does anyone know of any company that sell these things, it only needs to be about 8" off the floor, but needs to be able to be moved very easily and preferabley in the UK so we can go see the thing before spending money on it!!


It is for a school, but unlike others, we seem to have money at the moment!!


Thankyou in advance.

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If you only want it 8" high you might struggle with decks and wheels. how big are the doors you need to get through between studios? A collapsable lightweight staging may be better but you will ahve to dismantle the drum kit each time therefore probably not helping you much
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