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LED Par Transport

DMX Will

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I'm after some suggestions OR methods you transport your LED pars. No doubt some description of a flightcase, but in which variety?


Ok, you can buy the long cases designed to take 4 pars of a T-bar, although mine arn't on a T-bar (each individually G-clamped), so are there other ways?



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See the bottom of this page for a selection of cases designed for single fixtures.


If you prefer a longer case, you can always buy those designed for a bar and put plywood dividers in yourself to take individual cans. It's not always easy though, and the usual mantra of "pay a professional" is probably the best option. Or, of course, leave the case as it is and buy some lengths of scaff to clamp your lights to for transport.


Another very space-efficient (although not cheap) option I've seen is some lengths of pipe permanently installed near the roof in a truck to clamp the fixtures to. It does mean, though, that any shocks from the road are transmitted fully and directly to the lights - might not be too much of a problem for decent LED fixtures, but I'm quite sure the thin-filament lamps that I saw this used with didn't enjoy it much!

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